Over the years I've played around with brands for myself but this is the first time I've ever sat down and gone through the process properly. 
There were so many directions I looked at taking, big and colourful or really swiss. In the end I went with the following concept. As designers we are constantly presenting other peoples brands. We have no way of looking into the future and seeing what colour palettes we might use or what tone might be being portrayed. Our brands are really only there to show off someone else's. So creating something that would look good with almost anything and not detract from the work. Very simple yet stills portrayed my character. 

I went with big greetings in lots of variations to highlight my friendly nature and constant traveling. Black and white so it doesn't clash with any used colours and lots of white space so I can doodle with multicolour pens on everything! Yet it can be toned back for the more elegant designs. 

Its a canvas that lets other designs shine but still says, HELLO!

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